Monday, November 29, 2010

Pirate Silhouette Giveaway

Time for another Facebook exclusive giveaway!
I'll be giving away this original silhouette. You know what to do!
(well, if you don't, click this link and leave a little comment on the picture.)
6" x 8" ink on paper

Friday, November 26, 2010

Etsy Sale + Work in Progress pix

Hello darlings. Did you have a delicious Thanksgiving? Good. Me too. In the spirit of sales and all those annoying things, I'm offering 10% off all orders through my Etsy shop until Monday. This includes all original silhouettes, original drawings & prints. (So stoked Etsy is finally allowing coupon codes, makes it easier for me to treat you all!)
Just enter the code: 
at checkout for your discount.

I'll also be hosting another giveaway on my fanpage soon. I do giveaways every 1,000 fans, so we're almost there.


I haven't had a ton of time to be able to work on my painting as I've been cranking out these silhouettes for the past week or so. Which is fun, but I'm dying to finish this piece! So, here are a few more sneak peeks of miss Aveline. I started on her tattoos the other night, which is my favorite part. I am so loving octopus tattoos right now. They're more cartoon-y on my silhouettes and more realistic in this context.

I kind of like her in black & white. Sort of tempted to experiment with some black and white paintings at some point.

Anyway. She's coming along. Next I'll be tackling the compasses on her shoulders. I'm also really proud of her mermaid scales, which you'll see eventually.

Got a few shows opening next week:
Dec 2nd - 111 at 111 Minna, San Francisco
111 artists! massive group show. fun times will be had. i'm super excited to be showing next to some reallllly stellar artists.

Dec 3rd - Snowflakes & Candycakes @ 323East, Royal Oak, MI
will not be attending this one. it's a little too far.. someday I'll make it out there!

Dec 4th - Mezzanine, San Francisco
an even BIGGER group show. 200+ artists, fashion designers, photographers, etc. party time.

Okay. Now back to work. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

More silhouettes

More silhouettes! I'm on a rollll. I'll also be working on some custom orders today.
You can pre-order my Boat Hat, Antlers & Teapot Hat pieces on my Etsy now. I'll be making them as they are ordered.

This one is for sale here.



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tattoed silhouettes + shop additions

Here's my next series of little silhouettes. New and improved with hats, tattoos & attitude.
They're for sale in my shop. 
(Last nights silhouettes from Sketch Tuesdays sold out and I had to make more because I already missed them)
[UPDATE] As of now these new ones are sold out too, but I will be making more. I'm also happy to make variations of the ones you see here.
Boat Hat - 6" x 8" - ink on paper (link)
Teapot Head - 6" x 8" - ink on paper
Antlers - 6" x 8" - ink on paper (link)

Dia de los Muertos - 6" x 8" - ink on paper

Friday, November 12, 2010

Painting sneak peek + prints

The past few weeks have been really really busy for me, I'm sorry for neglecting you.
I did get to work on an illustration for Nylon Magazine which I had a lot of fun with.. Can't show it to you quite yet, but look for it in the "culture club" section of their Dec/Jan issue. Exciting!

Here are a few teaser images of the painting I've been working on between other projects.
Meet Aveline, sister of Ophelia.

I'll show you the whole thing when she's done. Doing something a bit different here, still painting on wood but am not leaving the wood texture exposed. I wanted something a little darker, something more intense. Oh, and be careful of her red eye.


I got Ophelia and my feathered girl professionally photographed cause I didn't have time to fuss with it myself. The quality is ammazzzingggggg.

mmm crisp.

I will have updated prints of those two ladies in my shop this weekend.  10" x 10" and 12" x 12".
(I'll also be ordering some larger 20" x 20" size, let me know if you are interested. )
Hope you have a pretty weekend. My parents will be in town for a few days so I'm very happy about that :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

silhouette + houses

Here's a little drawing for an upcoming holiday show at 323 East. 
5" x 7" ink on paper

I'm doing a small collage of frames with various silhouettes, boats and victorian houses. 
Pretty much my favorite things ever 


Also, a group show I'm in in Oakland opened tonight. 

Sadly I wasn't able to make it as large portions of Oakland are currently rioting & those sorts of things make me uncomfortable/freaked out. San Francisco rioting over the Giants winning the World Series is different. That was celebratory. This is not. 

Anyway, I have two paintings in the show which will be up for a few weeks. Sad to miss the opening of a show with such a spectacular title! 


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Drawings, sneak peek, madness

Hello dears

Perhaps you've heard of the madness that ensued last night. What a glorious city to be in right now! After 46 years the San Francisco Giants finally won the world series. Honestly, I haven't cared about baseball in a really long time, not since I was little and liked watching the Padres, but the past while has been incredible. Some nights I wouldn't even be watching the games and I could hear my neighborhood erupt in cheers every time someone got a run. And last night was absolutely insane. Thousands of people out in the streets celebrating, crying, lighting mattresses on fire, dancing on firetrucks.. (I expect it was a little difficult to be a city official tonight)

Anyway, it's hard not to get all emotional when your entire city is ecstatic. I don't expect the celebrating to end any time soon. Ha.

Anyway, on a completely separate another note, here is a sneak peek of the painting I'm working on right now. Only just started it, can't wait for you to meet her. 

Also, here are a couple of drawing/paintings I did for an upcoming show at 323 East. Doing a few small, affordable pieces for their holiday show. These are both made with india ink & gold leaf. Will be doing a few more for this little grouping.

And finally, today is my honeypie's birthday! Happy Birthday joeyloveybabycakes! (sorry. gross)
(us two years ago when we first started dating. I look so little!)

That's it, have a fantastic Tuesday