Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spoke Art group show

Tonight is the opening of the September Group Show over at Spoke Art. Yaaay!

Also, thanks to Hi Fructose for the interview!
(click image to read it)

Here are my new girls I'd like you to meet tonight..


and Valeria
cursed girls. they're really sweet natured though.

Also Delphine will be there, all fancy framed up.
Hope to see you beauties there!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

interview, sketches & skulls

There's a super sweet little interview with me over at Thanks Mike Cuffe for the beautiful pictures of my studio! (it's usually not so tidy..)

You can kinda get an idea of the layout of the space here. It's so sunny. I love it. 

 and my arm. 


here are a couple concept sketches from the flight home the other night..
A bit odd, of course.

and here's your daily dose of me being a weirdo

and now i have a headache from being around too much black paint. I think.

reworking this piece..

I didn't get to finish it exactly how I envisioned, so I'm giving it another ago. For a show in London in October. More info soon.


Monday, August 1, 2011


What I've been up to lately..

started a tumblr (which i am hopelessly addicted to already)


painting a lot


pretending to be Stevie Nicks on the regs

shooting guns in Ohio

which I'm kind of good at?
oh, and being ridiculous


enjoying the country flowers

walking by pretty things

humbling fan tattoos

wearing excessive amounts of jewelry

being in love with my new pants


girl days with my bestie

geeking out to world of warcraft (at the airport)
enjoying goodiess from proseIV


entertaining myself on dull mondays (not today)


and collecting rosaries 
Okay, have i overwhelmed you with too many photos again? Good.
I'm still in Ohio and will be back in a couple of days, then its back to paint paint paint paint aiptna pitnpi tnpssdflsd
Oh, and fireflies are amazing. !!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

skull girls

Happy Monday!

Just a heads up, my Etsy store will be closed for a little while. I've got a lot of work to do preparing for two upcoming shows:
September 1st - group @ Spoke Art
January - solo @ Shooting Gallery
(And for you East Coasters, I'll also be having a solo show in New York at at Wooster Street Social Club in March, where they're filming NY Ink.)

So, as always, you can buy my prints through Society6Eyes on Walls. Both sell larger versions of what I was selling in my Etsy, as well as t-shirts, canvases, skins, etc etc etc. So really it's better this way! :p
I am also thinking of opening up a Big Cartel shop just for originals. 

Here is another in progress picture..

I had originally wanted to leave the wood background exposed on this, but I just wasn't feeling it. Seemed empty. Sometimes I get stuck and start really hating a piece until I do something drastic. In this case, 'drastic' meant giving her a haircut, painting the background flat black & giving her a skull on her shoulder. Sorry girl.

she also looks kinda cool in black and white
Giving her horns next.

during her makeover.
Also the other skull girl is almost done. Astrological symbols are the next step. whee!
My favorite time of day. when the sunbeams come through the windows in my studio.

That's it for now.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

skull shoulders

New piece I've been working on.  Skull shoulder girl.

I've been challenging myself lately with painting hands. I don't like painting them, so I'm painting them. Ha.  
I spent the majority of yesterday glazing and just building up the skin tones. layers layers layers layers layers layers layerlisdjfks jslsdkf

I was also down in Encinitas for a couple of days visiting my family / the beach.
I was a bad girl and got sunburnt. Sorry tattoos :/

and spent some time browsing through an old Sear's catalogue. 

i want all of these hats please.

and my dagger is almost all the way healed. except the sunburn incident didn't help. 

and another lake shot for the hell of it.

back to work!!