Thursday, July 7, 2011

skull shoulders

New piece I've been working on.  Skull shoulder girl.

I've been challenging myself lately with painting hands. I don't like painting them, so I'm painting them. Ha.  
I spent the majority of yesterday glazing and just building up the skin tones. layers layers layers layers layers layers layerlisdjfks jslsdkf

I was also down in Encinitas for a couple of days visiting my family / the beach.
I was a bad girl and got sunburnt. Sorry tattoos :/

and spent some time browsing through an old Sear's catalogue. 

i want all of these hats please.

and my dagger is almost all the way healed. except the sunburn incident didn't help. 

and another lake shot for the hell of it.

back to work!!


she. said...

i love your paintings

C'est moi. said...

i love your work! so fantastic! (altough i don't like skulls)


Windsor Grace said...

Awesome, yet creepy at the same time. I love seeing your work, you're such an inspiration.

BFrancis said...

Stunning. I'm enjoying following your IG AND paintings. Please keep up the beautiful work. PS, the stencil on the wall... FAAAB!!!!

Big AL said...

Wonderful work! That last back shot looks like it would make for a good classic movie poster or paperback novel cover.

Jo said...

Holy crap your work is amazing. I've only just found your blog but...woah... you are a genius!

AVY said...


/ Avy

Sydney said...

my goal is to paint like you!!! :D x

Jessica Mills said...

Ha ha ha, I totally have that same catalog and use it for the same thing. Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

this is oil or acrylic??

Anonymous said...

You are incredibly inspsiring! I just bought one of your iphone case pieces of society6.

Chrissi said...

you're amazing!

Mary Carter said...

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