Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I should really wash my hair

This is my attempt to combine my drawing illustrative style with my painting style. Looking back, I prefer the work in progress of the feather girl to the finished piece. I like how it turned out, but i think I was a little afraid to leave it looking so 'unfinished'.

Oil and graphite on some particleboard wood. I'm pretty sure it's done, for now. But I may end up tweaking it when we get back.

Joe and I are going to Encinitas (San Diego) tomorrow to stay with my parents for a few days. He's itching to get back on that surfboard! I never really had the surfing 'itch', even though i've lived near the beach my entire life. I prefer to play around in the waves and make sand castles, though they always end up really lumpy and crooked, and I always get sunburnt. I suppose the beaches in San Francisco are still is pretty close, seeing as the city is basically only 7 x 7 miles, but the beaches are usually cloudy, cold and have dead seals.

Also, Joe just started a music/other things blog. He's got a wicked cool taste in music, definitely go check it out if you need some new tunes in your life :)

Any San Francisco kids out there? Tonight is Sketch Tuesday's at 111 Minna gallery, in SoMa. I'm probably going to go. It was a blast last time, just did some little drawings and posted them up on the board and ended up selling a few. It's a cool atmosphere, with some really great artists participating.

Alright, I'll be back monday! Though I may post while we're away. I have like three paintings I've started and can't wait to finish them!



Jimmy said...

Whoa. That came out really good!

Kayla Marie said...

i luv this style!!!

DILL VEGAS said...

see that seal, GONE!

M&M Studios Inc said...

this is LOVELY!!

Jillian Amelia said...

The bears! They are so adorable that I want to pay you to draw them all over my life.

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