Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aviator - finished

It's like 90% done. I really can't look at this painting anymore, i've spent too much time on it! I'll probably finish fine-tuning it when I get back from Kauai


oil & graphite on particle board

wheee! I'm getting excited for my show!


Kayla Marie said...

I looove the way you paint skin. It's so realistic! and it's all done with oil paint?

lizzy henry said...

really? can you pass some of that talent to the other artists in the world? you're hogging it all.

Anonymous said...

it's looking amazing!

Francisco said...

Whoa! I just love all your art! It feels so pure, so "distilled"

javier G pacheco said...

Yeah Charmaine here!

I see this painting in deviant and I love it

is always a pleasure to me to see the process in work


A new fan in your blog was borned

Anonymous said...

yes! beautiful skin tones! bravo!

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