Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Europe - revisited

I started getting all nostalgic thinking about this time last year. My best friend Lizzy and I went on 2 1/2 month backpacking trip to Europe, last October - December. I can't believe it's already been a year..? Over a year?

We started in Paris then went to Lille, Brugges, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin again, Vienna, Venice, Athens, Venice again, Florence, Rome, Palermo, Taormina, Paris again, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, Madrid, Lisbon, London, then back to Lille & Paris.  We had spet Thanksgiving in Sevilla, and my brother flew in to visit us for a few weeks and Joe met us in Paris and spent a week with us in Spain. Alright, alright, I wont bore you with my melancholy musings, here are some pictures (just be happy i didn't post all 3,000.)

Part of the Berlin Wall

lizzy being adorable

Somehow I ended up getting a ridiculous amount of bug bites/hives? They started appearing in Venice and continued to haunt me until midway through our flight home to San Diego. Anyway, this one's a gem. Either it was one hefty bug, or a collection of about 10 bites in one area. (gross, i know)

Gettin' artsy in Sicily

Holy smokes! Rome

London Eye

Some protesters/activists in London. Camping out until the war is over.

Alright, so I took a picture in the Sistine Chapel. sue me.


Cute carosel in Paris

This is how I spent a lot of the train rides/down time. Fleet Foxes on the iPod and doodles in my moleskine. You may recognize the top drawing from here. Funny, because I drew it in Germany and now it's being used in a catalog that distributes there.

Alright. that's it. Enjoy, don't enjoy, whatever :)
Joe and I are working on some fun projects, can't wait to share!

Happy December everyone (is it really already December?!)


Anonymous said...

gosh you went to a lot of places! and the bottom doodly drawing in the last picture looks lovely. i like the feathers. xx

tim said...

that's one crazy bug bite!

charmaine olivia said...

eww i know. it was so itchy too

lizzy henry said...

so, i vote for you posting more photos. i don't mind you having to spend hours photoshopping and touching them up, you don't have anything else to do, right? GREAT thanks.

Adia Noeta said...

Haha you took just a picture?! I took a whole video and nobody noticed :D

charmaine olivia said...

well you don't have to worry about the flash randomly going off with a video :p

Jared said...

oh nice! looks like you had fun, I've always wanted to backpack throw Europa but i never have time and money.
great photo!

angie said...

Looks very awesome to me... Did you guys have your accommodation all planned out or just did things with the flow? I'd love to take a trip but I'm terrible at planning and booking things ahead XD

Anonymous said...

damn, i wanna bang lizzy hard!!! she's so fine! all those freckles & strawberry hair .. cuddle, cuddle, purrrrrrrrrr

jangojim said...

awesome ! I saw this post but now. that's a lot of cool places you visited ! I visited them almost all as well, but over the years. you did it all at once ! wow !

you were in bruges and brussels here in belgium too, I see. did you like it ? next time you should totally come by antwerp in Belgium and visit my girlfriend and I !

I'll be going to London again for the 4th time now next week, and still looking forward to it :). travelling is the best.

Dimitri from belgium ( laresistance from deviantart )

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