Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catch And Release

watercolors, india ink & acrylic ink

Oh, watercolors, where have you been all my life?! I've sort of forgotten how to use them properly, but i'm having fun experimenting again!


Kerri-Ann Hulme said...

Do you stretch your paper? When I use watercolours without stretching my paper wrinkles and when I do stretch the paper gets stuck to the board and rips :( Any advice? Your watercolour is beautiful!

Jane said...

Oh my gosh, that eye!

Vanilla said...

Your watercolour work is lovely! Would love to see some more sometime

charmaine olivia said...

I don't stretch my paper, I've actually never tried it. (I'm afraid to rips!). This piece is on Bristol Vellum, i like how smooth it is. Although, it does seem to absorb the water really quickly, so you have to paint fast if you want the color to be even.

And Vanilla, I'll definitely be posting more soon :)

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