Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SF pics part 2

Some more little Konica pictures. My bestie is coming up to visit for a few days so I probably wont have many drawings to share with you this week, but plenty of photos! 


Me and my boo. Notice the splotch on my shoulder? Yep, a slug was there. F-ing disgusting.
The lovely Juliette 
Oh dear..


Charity said...

I love your photo posts! looking forward to more :)

kayla said...

Love those slips!

Fox-wu said...

Oh those minx are so cute ♥
I have a minx scarf made with 3 minx, all heads, feet, and tails are showing, it's quite fantastic.
Also you and your friends look amazing!

Anonymous said...

You have a really nice blog. I follow you.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm super bummed out you are pro-fur :( You know how you get an impression of an artist through their work and following their blogs, etc... You just went from fiercly intelligent, sensitive and inspiring, to just another monstrously selfish, ugly-on-the-inside vain girl (or ignorant and I don't know which is worse), and it makes me see your art as just a projetion of boring girlish vanity, as well. Please consider rejecting fur, as an industry it's fucking repulsive as are the people who wear it :(

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