Tuesday, August 3, 2010

blog facelift + progress pictures

Every so often I get really bored with my blog layout and make a radical change. Today was one of those days. I've spent the better half of this fine Tuesday eating burritos and doing html coding. ( I did some heavy reconstructive surgery on this theme, and the overall feel was inspired by my bff Morgan's tumblr )
Anyway, haven't worked on my painting today, but here are a few more pictures of the progress:

I finished the tattoo sleeve the other day, (the camera doesn't pick up the lines too well), but I'll be scanning her when it's all said and done. I am contemplating doing a chest-piece, but I feel it may be too much. What do you think? Perhaps  I'll save that for my next piece, which I'll be starting this weekend! Clealry I'm an artaholic. 

The words are difficult to make out in this light, but it says "thy eternal summer shall not fade", which is a line from a Shakespeare sonnet that I hold close to my heart.

I have also pretty much decided that I am going to treat myself to a victorian house tattoo(s) once the funds allow it! Excited.
Hope you and your Tuesday is going beautifully, thank you for stopping by.



Kerri-Ann Hulme said...

I love the idea of a tattoo house! Also, what do you use to scan wood this big?

charmaine olivia said...

Thanks Kerri-Ann :)

I just use my little flatbed scanner. I scan it in segments, like 15, ha. Then put it all together in photoshop. It's a total inconvenience and is very time consuming, but worth it. It's the purest image possible, which is important for making prints, etc.

Kerri-Ann Hulme said...

Ah I see! Yeah it is a pain isn't it, but it's so worth it in the end! Your work is so lovely :)

Mary Standish said...

I first saw your work through www.notcot.com this past weekend, which impelled me to go check out your current exhibition on Francisco St. with my friend visiting from London. Let me just say that you have two new avid fans. Well done Miss Olivia, I really love your work!


Diana said...

OMG!! you´re a trully artist! I fell in love for your work, the shadows, details are perfect! I´m a journalist here in Brazil, can you give your email? I´m thinking to do an enterview, if you want, of course!
Gorgeous art!

Diana Monteiro said...

I forgot!
My emails: dimonteiro23@hotmail.com and diana@maisondadi.com

J ª L º N said...

ooooooh! non stop...this roll of paints is wonderful. I Love tattohouses!!

Kiri and Carla said...

I think I'd leave her without the chest tattoo, it is so beautiful like this and the pretty house tattoo and lovely line stand out :) congrats!

Sara said...

This new piece is absolutely exquisite! I'm liking the black ink & thick black hair contrast with her pale skin. If you were to go forward with the chest tattoo maybe something incredibly Victorian delicate? The piece doesn't need it and could stand just as she is, but I understand that muse-push need to keep going!

Joana Faria said...

This is truly amazing. Well done... I'm a fan.

xtina said...

oh my goddddd you are so amazing

charmaine olivia said...

thanks lovelies!

Jane said...

(haha I thought I was the only one spending hours to convert my blog layout)
She's shaping up beautifully! x

alex said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful. if I ever decide to get a tattoo sleeve, this is what I'll get it of.

Kat said...

You were in my dream last night. You were very kind to me and the house was covered in your beautiful drawings.
I really hope that doesn't freak you out as you don't know me! :D
I adore your work!

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