Wednesday, December 15, 2010

antlers + updates

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us local artists last night at Sketch Tuesdays!
Here's one of the little darlings I drew. The usual, flowers, leaves, antlers & lace.
(Thanks to whoever snapped this pic!)

 I also got to sit next to Matt Furie. (Hence the little pink sticky note below) Rad.

I started this one towards the end of the evening but didnt get a chance to finish her until this morning. Think I'll actually keep one of these for myself.

On a similar note, in January Taylor Wessling and I will be doing a show together at Pretty Pretty Collective. He's been drawing these awesome victorian ghostly figures and I'll be doing more silhouettes; good pairing! I have a bunch of brand new silhouettes that I'm excited to share with you when the time comes :)

And finally, this new video by memoryhouse is super magical. I love them entirely too much.


Bec Winnel said...

So nice! xo

Dressed4Success said...

WOO amazing work girl!!!

follow my work!!


Anonymous said...

someone's drinking a beer? lol

memory house is wonderful~

Ariel choi said...

its great! I love the details

please visit my blog too :]

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