Friday, February 11, 2011


Yesterday the lovely Natali Truax came by my studio for a photoshoot. Here are a few. More later.
painting in my undies. teehee ;)

(I did some rearranging in my studio recently, but it's still not quite finished. I am much happier with my new setup. I was kind of in a weird little corner before and it was like an obstacle course to get over there sometimes. Dropping a brush on the floor was like, the worst thing ever. I had to do these weird acrobatic long-arm reaches to get to said fallen object. Plus, I'm surrounded by all my treasures now, like glass bottles, keys, candles & boat bookends! lalala)

We also went out in my patio for a little bit. San Francisco has been strangely warm the past couple of weeks. (luckily for me)

hairweaveeeee. Sadly my hair isn't quite this long.

This one is my personal favorite :)

Have a lovely weekend my dears ❤


Nick said...

I could see the last two as paintings of one of your lovely tattooed ladies, especially the bottom picture.

We Blog Artists said...

I like the one with the book...beautiful pics!

aracely said...

the photos are amazing! u r a great model! they look awesome ^_^

Krystal Campbell said...

Beautiful artist, beautiful paintings!

sarajane said...

Your studio is beautiful!

kendal croix. said...

such beautiful photos, now all i wanna know is where you get such cute undies?

♡Shayla♡ said...

WOW. so classically beautiful.

absolutely stunning.

clementeen said...

i love it, very beautiful pictures. you look fascinating!

Brie said...

I want to live in that studio corner of yours!

Emily Rose said...

just came across your artwork and blog. so so beautiful. your art is amazing!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful Charmaine. I was like... wow this girl has amazing hair lol. Anyways, totally gorgeous


You really live your work and lifestyle. Absolutely lovely. Inspiring

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