Monday, January 24, 2011

Lady Shipwreck, work in progress

Here's some previews of the piece I started the other day. My best friend Morgan is the model, as part of a collaboration. She wrote a beautiful song to go along with this, which I will share with you soon. I still have a lot of fine tuning to do on everything, as well as draw the tattoos and shipwrecks in her hair. But let me tell you, gold leaf is SO MUCH FUNNNNN. It's super shiny and pretty and half the time I just end up staring it.
 It's looking very Klimt-y to me, guess gold leaf will do that ;)

and uhhh, here I am hanging out with her. looking tuff.
more soooon. but right now I'm redecorating my apartment and there is stuff EVERYWHEREEEEE. I'm not sure when I started spending more money on housewares than shoes, but it makes me feel really old.

Also, I just listed a bunch of new prints in my shop, including Aveline and some of my new silhouettes. Like these lil darlings:
go take a peek


Windsor Grace said...


Anonymous said...


Marie said...

this is stunning, darling.

Peter Fong said...

Wow this looks great! Can't wait to see the shipwrecks

Jamie-Lynn said...

Your work is beyond gorgeous!

modern.girl said...

i can't get enough of your silhouette paintings! every time i visit your store, i want to get more! i bought the teapot head print, and put it next to my antique teacup collection. sooooo cute! i just posted a blog entry on it with photos. come check it on my blog:

margarita ts said...

nice work!!!

Julia said...

gorgeous! this is absolutely brilliant. With the second eye it looks fantastic :-)

LeeLee said...

Dazzlingly beautiful artwork!!

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