Thursday, April 14, 2011

earrings & things

Started on a new painting last night. I seem to do a variation of my piece Headaches every year or so. It's fun for me to remake the original concept and watch as my style evolves. This time with more eyes, foxes & stormy skies.

(This piece and the other foxy girls are going to be in a group show over at Project One next month + a third piece that I'll be starting soon.)

(Staring contest. Yes, she won.)

Today I started on the background and such, while listening to The Cranberries, like, all day. 
Currently obsessing over this song.

On another note, I got two new ear piercings & a gold nose ring over at 454 Tattoo when I was in Encinitas. (And more freckles??)
I got my nose pierced at 454 on my 18th birthday several years ago, I was long overdue for some more!

And then tomorrow night Morgan and I are going for some late-night tattoos for her birthday. caaaaant help myself ;)


Grilloz said...

it's always nice see how a masterpiece grow up :)

Unknown said...

Is funny when an artist try to do the same painting again and the result is completely different. I think that is because you are printing your learning and feelings of that very moment, and that is when you realize you have improved.
Nice piercing =)

Unknown said...

i always love your work !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm having a terrible day so thank you for the pretty pictures and sweet cranberries tune to cheer me up!

kelly said...

love you!

Anonymous said...

oh that is amazing!

Anonymous said...

will you be finishing the 50 states collection?
(we've still only seen a peak of alaska)
well, I do hope you finish that collection, because there could be so much diversity and beauty.

Bella said...

Really stunning painting. You are very talented :)

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