Monday, April 25, 2011

new ink + work in prog

 (seems like all I'm posting these days are works in progress and new tattoos)

I mentioned before that Morgan and I were going in for some tattoos, and here they are!
This was taken right after we finished, so they're still real dark and mine is pretty red (morgan on left, me on right). It was well after 4am by the time we finished. Ha. Thanks Derick Montez for the beautiful beautiful design & tattooing! (And thanks for putting up with my moment by moment pain evaluation.) He busted out a sketch for us in like 30 minutes while we went and got Jack in the Box curly fries (a weird tradition of ours). It was perrrrrfect. Took about 2+ hours each. Troopers!
all healed up now.

Morgan and I have been collecting skeleton keys for years, and I'm almost always wearing at least two around my neck. One year for my birthday Morgan gave me a bunch of hers, our 10th birthday maybe? I thought I had lost them in the move to San Francisco, but I found 'em hiding in an old jewlery box in my closet. I think I cried a little bit (oh I'm such a sap sometimes). Well, I don't want to lose them again, so I made one permanent.

Okay. Enough about that.
I've been putting the finishing details on this piece, it's nearly done.
I have another day or two left on the tattoos before it goes off to the New Brow group show over at The Alternative Cafe. Gonna be a fun show!

Also I'm super excited cause I'm getting a new studio space next month. It's super spacious and sunny and perrrrrfeccttt and I can't wait! yay.



alicia said...

love love love love!

Abby said...

you are such an inspiration!!!

Trudy said...

such a beautiful idea to get tattoo together. Are you sisters or best friends? or both? :)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Gorgeous tattoo! And your latest painting looks great! One of my favorites so far!

H I P P O R A C L E said...

you are so friggin' talented, womang!!!

Deborah Kraft said...

Hi Lovely, Enjoying your work and witnessing your new addiction. Can't wait for the finished product on canvas. Check out my daughter's new biz, Beyond The Ink, and her FB, Jessica Mills, she has tons of INK on there from conventions. She is leaving Vegas today from one of the Tat conventions. It is amazing how the threads of artistry run through us all.....<3.

Liz said...

GORGEOUS tattoos!

Adriel Contieri said...

their ornaments in tattoos are beautiful, as you are ... :)

Sarah Wiske said...

Wow! I love it all! You are fantastic girl!

Lorna said...

I love all of your art work :) you're a great inspiration! Keep it up!
♡ Lorna

Sanne said...

Beautiful tattoos! <3

Lady Fur said...

Hello =)
I love your blog and your illustrations.
If you want to publish on my blog your illustrations write me
with love

Osterreich said...

This is definitely a blog worth following. You’ve got a great deal to say about this subject, and so much knowledge. I think that you know how to make people listen to what you have to say, especially with an issue and that’s so important. I’m glad to know this blog. Two big thumbs up, man!!

Chantal said...

I was wandering .. once your painting is finished, do you use any varnish on top ??

Thanks for answering!

XO Chantal from Holland

Zepol Ilustradora said...

Padrisimo, toda una obra de arte. Felicidades. Saludos

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