Thursday, August 20, 2009

another work in progress piece

Just a little something I started today. We'll see where this one ends up! expect feathers and triangles, as usual. So far it's graphite on some sort of wood + oil paint. I put fixative on top of the pencil before I started painting.

Work in progress shots:



Mikain said...

biggest fan. <3

charmaine olivia said...

aww :)

Olivia a.k.a. Olive*Tea said...

lovely painting, i like how translucent it appears to be

Other New World said...

Hi Charmaine, your works are lovely!
I generally post photography on my much neglected blog, but I think I should start dabbling in posting illustrations and paintings, too. By the way, do you use a primer when working on wood?

charmaine olivia said...

hi! no, I don't use primer when I paint on wood, I just go for it! I probably should though..

Other New World said...

oh, I see. I think they fade after a while without them, but I've yet to test that theory!
Thanks for your quick response! ♥

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