Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm back in San Francisco after 5 days in Encinitas. Had a wonderful time, but definitely needing to get started on some more paintings. We leave again for Kauai in 12 days! mmmm
Here are some pictures..

Just kickin' it with a snake

pissed and/or squinting because the sun was in my eyes

my brother and joe

i love my parents! my mom is so beautiful :)

Tomorrow i'll be back in paint-like-crazy mode. but for tonight, it's time to watch some discovery channel and sip on some tea.


Duhville said...

First off, your dad's fanny pack is amazing. Second, I need to do the same thing and get to work. The laziness must end.

charmaine olivia said...

goodbye lazinesssss

Adam Lucas said...

its all about thefanny pack...doesnt get much better than that. But then you add in the shades and the rad hair...he looks to be the coolest man ever. :D

charmaine olivia said...

he IS the coolest man ever

ryan said...


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