Monday, December 7, 2009


Joe and I have finally figured out our holiday plans. We'll be spending some time with my parents in San Diego, then flying to freezingcold Ohio to stay with his family for a bit. Why are plane tickets to expensive?! We were playing with the thought of driving cross-country, but we'll be saving that for another time. Hopefully we can go and see a Cavs game while we're there (Yes, I'm a basketball fan :p) Then Nashville for New Years! wheee!

Anyway, I was looking through some pictures from last year when we visited his family in Ohio, and it's definitely getting me in to the winter spirit! Being a native Southern Californian, I don't fare well with the cold, but there is something extremely magical about the 'dead' trees and snow. (Not to mention the Amish and their cute horse & buggies!)

Picture overload. Enjoy.


Urban Weeds said...

so great! especially love the horse drawn carriage!

charmaine olivia said...

I want to ride in one!

Rachel said...

what a beautiful Winter Wonderland you have captured! xoxo

Olas del mar bravĂ­o said...

Wao, what a wonderful photos!
Your blog is really cute, darling:)

Girl said...

Hey You're double exposures are always incredibly beautiful. Can I ask what camera you use?

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