Monday, January 11, 2010

Headache revisited

Work in Progress

It's been a little while since I've painted. It feels good to start up again. I've been wanting to do another version of my painting "Headache", which I did a year ago (almost do the day). It's fun for me to see my progress and how my style is developing/evolving. Also this piece will be in the upcoming show, Glass Cinder and Thorns at 323 East Gallery in March.

I'm still undecided about the hair. I'm thinking either flat white or flat black. I think the pure white hair, (like my original "Headache"), is more interesting than black hair, but I do like the contrast of black against the wood. Thoughts?

A little tidbit about how I work..
I am usually the model for my paintings (unless I can get someone to model for me!). First I start by taking some pictures, playing around with poses, gestures, etc. Then I "sketch" my ideas out on photoshop (as you can see in the third picture). It's much easier for me to play on photoshop than to just dive in to a piece. I am very particular about what I want and how I want it to look. By first roughly laying it out on the computer, I can iron out the kinks and really fine tune the look, fool around with colors, hair, accessories. Of course, once I start painting, it's a completely different game. That's where I count on accidents and mis-strokes to shape the piece.

Well, enjoy! It's good to be back, i missed you.


Jimmy said...

If the painting turns out anything like the "sketch", I'd say it's a success!

Beautiful work, as always.

Jonas Mendes said...

Muito bonito! Parabéns! (Brasil-PT)

Anonymous said...

i vote flat black or flat green for hair. not white

charmaine olivia said...

flat green, eh? hmm..

Savanna Bonsignore said...

I love the idea of painting on wood, it adds a really interesting feeling. I think white hair would be a good choice. Love your work!

Unknown said...

love seeing the progression, very inspiring!

Nikole said...

Your work is so lovely! Im in awe. Im curious if you prime the wood or not before you start with your oil paints?

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