Wednesday, March 24, 2010


watercolor, gouache, & india ink

So, as I was drawing this, I got bored with her hair and decided to leave one side short, which got me thinking about my own hair. I may do something drastic.


Alright, so these haircuts may be a bit too drastic, but I'm intrigued.


Also, Artslant wrote a review about Glass Cinder & Thorns, the art show I was a part of over at 323 East. (They mentioned my piece "Housekeeper"which was awesome of them. Although they did spell my name "Charlamaine Olivia". hehe )


Anonymous said...

i love asymmetrical hair styles. they may not be the easiest on the eyes but they're fun as hell to have.

Unknown said...

i've shaved one side of my head on and off for the last two years. drastic is good!

Anonymous said...

DO IT!!!

charmaine olivia said...

i think a little dose of drastic may do me good ;)

Vanilla said...

Loving the colours of this!

Charity Reeves said...

This is so fantastic

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