Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boat / we are getting a kitten!

watercolors, india ink & white acrylic ink

Also, Joe and I are going to get a kitten! (Although our apartment is a bit small). We rode our bikes to the animal shelter here in San Francisco yesterday but apparently it's not "kitten season" for another few months, so there weren't any kittens to cuddle and fall in love with.  
I suppose I can wait a bit longer :)

Just a warning, when I do get my kitten, I will be posting a ridiculous amount of pictures. 
And expect tons of kitten drawings. 
Watch out. ♥


jill stewart said...

can't wait to see pictures ;)

charmaine olivia said...

can't wait to take pictures! haha

Jasmin said...

Ah could not be more happy that I found this blog ^_^ I favourite all of your work on DA usuall (Born--Dead) but have been absent from there for awhile so be ready for some love via blogspot. Beautiful work lady!

charmaine olivia said...

aw thanks Jasmin!

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