Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Have Never Been Here Before

Yes You Have, You Just Don't Remember.

I did yoga yesterday for the first time in a longggg time. Since I quit teaching it, I think. And BOY am I sore.

I can't believe I used to be able to do this:


Anonymous said...

your birds are so charming!
<3 elaina (from dA)

Jared said...

hehe birdie birdie.
i often wonder what R2 (my roomies Cockatiel) thinks, especially when he is flying free in my house.
and, HOLY CRAPOLA! thats a flexible spine!
I’ve never been able to get my spine to bend backwards vary much, no matter how much stretching I’ve done :(

charmaine olivia said...

ooh Jared send me a picture of R2! I'd love to draw him/her! <3

Jared said...

you got it! I'll get some together and email them to you this weekend :)

charmaine olivia said...


jorge correia said...

can you just tell me where is that place(?)...the photo shows an amazing ambience in that beach. Im from Portugal and I'm planning to travel a lot this summer, so it would be really nice do discover beaches like that with some friends. I've followed your blog for some time now, and you also draw really well. its a detailed drawing but not hyper realistic...just with a lot of expression. keep doing it.

best regards

charmaine olivia said...

Hi Jorge
This picture was taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is a lovely beach! The water was very warm :)

renee anne said...

oh my. this is the most amazing image I have ever seen.

I need to learn out to do this.

renee anne said...

hi again! I hope you don't mind I used this picture in a post on my blog!! see it here xx

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