Thursday, May 13, 2010

The 50 States! - New Mexico

She's finished!
(click image to see it larger)

Alright, so for New Mexico, I went with the obvious Native American theme. 
The little red symbol as pictured on her arm and on the headdress is what's found on the New Mexico state flag. Even though their state bird is the adorable Roadrunner, there just wasn't a place for him. Sorry little guy!
My streak of feeling highly unproductive is over (for the moment). Which state shall I do next??



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what medium is this?

charmaine olivia said...

This is digital, drawn in Photoshop

Mollie said...


Kim Edmiston said...


Abbie Lee said...

When you are finished, are you going to fit them all together to make one giant beautiful US?

charmaine olivia said...

Yep, I'll be putting them all together in the end :)

Abbie Lee said...

Oooh, cool. Not trying to invade on you ideas, but it would be neat if some of the states interacted. Like if Alabama and Georgia were holding hands (Alabama used to be a part of Georgia) or something.

Just a thought :).

charmaine olivia said...

aw, that's a super cute idea!

Jay Bulluck said...

North Carolina for sure. Honey bees, squirrels, & dogwoods; what could be better?

Coco Salazar said...

Love u from México

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