Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 50 States! - Ohio

(click to see it larger)

Alright, Ohio, I love you to death, but you were a bitch to draw. I had these adorable little gray squirrels in there, but it looked way too cluttered to me. Anyway, besides the occasional frustrations, I'm really enjoying this series. I'm learning what makes each state unique and beautiful, (which is also where I run in to the clutter problem). 

Here are some things I learned and included in this piece:
• The Ohio state flower is the Red Carnation
• The state bird is the Cardinal
• The state animal is the White Tailed Deer. 
• It's known as "The Buckeye" state, that's what those little brown polka dots on her undies are! (Yes, I just said undies)

Anyway, hope you like it! 

I'm thinking maybe New Mexico next?? I'd love to draw some Native American themes



Octopie said...

ahh I'm excited for new mexico. I went there this year for the first time and loved it :)

Lala said...

She's so beautiful!

B.BOo Sushi said...

I love your blog. I go on here everyday <3

Are you going to do illustrations for other states too?


charmaine olivia said...

Thanks Be! Yes, the plan is to do all 50 states :)

Itziar San Vicente said...

Beautiful colors!

Abbie Lee said...

I can't wait for Florida!

And Maryland + Maine

Marxela said...

These are gorgeous! Loving the idea.

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