Saturday, May 15, 2010


"We Almost Died"
"I'm Sorry For Giving You Bunnies For Hands, But You Asked For It"
I've been super inspired by vintage nude photographs from the 20s. Anyway, this is weird and reminiscent of a dream I had the other night. There was a frog on top of a lizard on top of my foot. I was running with the tiny animals, but being very careful to not let them fall. Alright, so this really has nothing to do with my dream.

But I do want to share this song with you. It's so very beautiful.
My Cosmonaut Edit - Emily Neveu



Anonymous said...

thanks for the song! it's lovely.

charmaine olivia said...

Thanks miss! I love your blog btw :)

sraSEOULee said...

this is bootaful! love rabbits. and also. im cracking up b/c ur post is awesome too ^^

kellie said...

hahaha you're fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

it's just a beginning.

by the way, the titles above are brilliant!


Lauren Doughty said...

beautiful drawings! love your work x

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