Friday, May 21, 2010

Sneak Peak + Photobooth pix

Here's a little sneak peak of some things I'm working on for the next issue of Cupcake Magazine. I can't share them with you quite yet, but I couldn't resist showing you a teeny preview!
Also, here are some pictures of Joe and I from the Best of SF party last night. Open bar and amazing food. I was definitely enjoying the pomegranate martinis!
(And don't mind the obscene amount of "scion" ads, comes with the territory of free photobooth pictures)

My personal favorite. even though we have sleepy eyes.

And thank you forever 21 for supplying me with a ridiculous amount of rings.

Have a lovely weekend my sweets!



Charity Reeves said...

you and your boyfriend are so adorable!

charmaine olivia said...


Lightning Heart said...

awww lovely!

Anonymous said...

your favorite picture looks like you are a couple of awkward 14 year olds :) quite endearing.

Charles said...

Lovely pics

Charles said...

Lovely pics
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