Friday, May 28, 2010

T-Shirts, Teapots + Tiny Skulls

Yes yes, I'm going through a flower phase. And watercolors are my new best friend.

Black flowers and tiny skulls! This is the counterpart to the original Flower Anchor, this one is a big more..manly?
 Also! You can get some of my flowers on t-shirts over a Society6. They come in both women's and men's styles, as well as several colors. I personally think they look best on the white.
 Here are the links:
Flower Anchor
Flower Burst


Christina said...

You are so prolific! I love it. And the flowers are a good phase, you draw them so beautifully.

Tattoologist said...

Thanks for being the first to 'like' my facebook page :)
I'm glad you did, cause it led me to your blog!
and your art is GORGEOUS!!

charmaine olivia said...

Oh gosh, thanks! I'm in love with your blog. I don't have any tattoos yet, but I go to your blog often and am getting closer and closer to deciding what I want inked. ♥

Denarmen illustration said...

oooooww beautifull as usual, charmaine (: I would like more if the blouse can be diferent ya know more groobie style or olgated, hippie (: I think that style fits more with the design. Have a nice day.

Marloes said...

This is so super pretty. I love love love your drawings and art! I just stumbled across your website, you have a new fan! ;) Happy new year!

design t shirts,punjabi font t shits said...

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