Thursday, June 24, 2010

Limited Edition Prints + Tiny Frames

I'm doing a limited edition run of 10 of my piece, "Hold." Printed on Canson watercolor paper, each one is signed, numbered and dated. Now available in my shop!
(Larger prints being sold though Urban Outfitters.)

And I just have to show you this adorable little frame I got yesterday!

 Naturally I drew a little silhouette profile, oval frames are perfect for that. And a bike! I've already done a boat, maybe I'll do a train next. I've obviously got modes of transport on my mind, time to travel!
Speaking of travel, I'm going camping this weekend up in Lake Sonoma. We're staying at a place called Bummer's peak. (What a name!) I'm super excited and am going to take 34902834 pictures so I can show you how beautiful Northern California is. And my darling friend Alicia is driving up from LA for the weekend to come with us! I will miss my little kittenface though. He's getting so much bigger already! And is being quite maniacal these days, I must say.

His latest hobby is wrapping around my arm and attacking my fingers. We affectionately call him "Needles" because of this. It actually kind of hurts. Oh, but he's so fluffy and adorable! Okay, okay, I'm done obsessing (for the moment).
Have a lovely weekend! See you at my art shows next Thursday??


Magda ┼╗mijowska said...

great work! you have done amazing job! congrats

Anonymous said...

that little frame is sooooooo cute (and so is your kitten!)

Casie Jean said...

that piece is absolutely lovely. how wonderful.

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