Tuesday, June 1, 2010

more flowers + upcoming shows

Wow, I am seriously on a flower kick right now.
watercolor and india ink on Canson watercolor paper
Here's a little preview of something I'm working on. 
I also have two upcoming solo shows in SF. One in July and one in September, more details soon!
I hope your holiday weekend was lovely, the sun showed it's face for a day or so, and now it's back to the feeling like it's November. Drat.


blue florida said...

skull plants!

Anonymous said...

you get the fine lines by dipping an ink pen in to watercolor, right?

charmaine olivia said...

yep! it works wonders

kayla marie said...


lizzybff said...

i thought you liked gloomy weather!

charmaine olivia said...

not anymore. when it's gloomy here it's cold. i like to be warm

Tori said...

So beautiful, I love the watercolour! In fact, I linked this on my blog, in a note on inspiration...I thought I should let you know.

Tori said...

I'm so sorry, I tried to include my url but it didn't work, should this time.

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