Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Not Quite Sure If I'm Dreaming Or Not   and/or   It Is Far Too Cold To Be Summer

Dream-catchers catching dreams, dysfunctional mood rings & haunted seas. 
{ here, listen to this song while you look: SLEEP ∞ OVER – Outerlimits}

Voici quelques fantômes pour vous 



kendall said...

whoa. breathless

Anonymous said...

why are you so amazing?

Jared said...

your skill with a camera is incredibly :)
im jealous :P

when are you going to put up a doodle of R2?
or have i missed it already? :(

charmaine olivia said...

@Celine, why are YOU so amazing! xoxo

charmaine olivia said...

Jared, as in r2d2?? was i supposed to draw R2 and I forgot??

Jared said...

yepers R2D2 :)
hehe its ok, i forget everything so your just fine and you don't have to draw him :P i was just hoping you would ;)

p.strange said...

I put your logo/banner on my blog!
I love your art!!!

charmaine olivia said...

thanks miss!

Anonymous said...

The song goes so perfectly with your pictures, it's almost like they were made for each other. I sense much feeling here, it's humbling to see. Great work, Charmaine.

Anonymous said...

really really love ur photo..lalala
ur artwork awesome :3
than i heard overlimit,thats cool

♥♥ mamet

charmaine olivia said...

thank you glenn & mamet ♥

Harry said...

Hi Charmaine, I drew a picture of your friend Lizzy and put it on my blog, it's an alright drawing. I hope you don't mind. (:

p.s. I like the song.

ryder said...

looks so refined and seductive



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