Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the garden - work in progress

It's chilly this morning. If someone were to have told me that today's date is November 12th I would believe them. But there is something very comforting about working indoors when it's so chilly outside. I've been listening to Devendra Banhart and sipping on Earl Gray since I woke up, so I really can't complain.

On to my painting. I've been working on the hair while allowing the skin dry. I'll be adding plenty more strands later, but this is a start.

I'm about to start on the tattoos now. Soon enough she'll be covered in flowers, leaves and poetry. 



Anonymous said...

your oil painting skills are breathtaking!

K or T said...

excellent light on her face, good work, you're pretty inspiring.

Jordan Pilling said...

Really like the collar bone area! cant wait to see her with tattoos (:

Annie said...

You're really really good, and I LOVE how you do the tattoos, but what do you have against foreheads? Most of your ladies could benefit from a little more skin above their eyebrows. It looks like you sometimes have more forehead in the earlier stages, but then you go crazy with the hair and it gets lost.

charmaine olivia said...

hahaha. yes I do go crazy with the hair. i have a thing for unkempt manes

Anonymous said...

ohh my, how many different paints do you use to get those different tones? -jealous-

art paintings said...

Very enjoyable, thank you

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