Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Of course black & white film can't possibly capture the beautiful greenery of Yosemite, but it gives it a sense of nostalgia that I don't see otherwise.

half dome at sunset

head scratches

this moment was the most peaceful i've felt in a while


Joey said...

They are lovely Charmaine! very peaceful looking. Good job :)

Anonymous said...


Dianne said...

I totally have the same boots and they rule. xx

conrad roset said...

I love the second photo!
: D

p.strange said...

Great place, and beautiful photos!!
I´m planning to draw you!!


Randy said...

Is that your boyfriend? he's cute :p

Cassandra Dias said...

I just discovered your blog...your artwork is amazing! Just thought I'd stop by and say hello :)

Aubrey Mayne said...

That double exposure of someone laying down is pretty dope.


Anonymous said...

that last photo is wonderful

Peter Fong said...

This just reminds me of THIS video haha so funny.


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