Monday, September 13, 2010

Boat Shoulders painting - Work in Progress

Well hello Monday, meet Ophelia.
Here she is, halfway there. I'm hoping to finish her this week. And fast, because she's getting impatient. She feels naked without her boats and tattoos. Is she staring at you too? Cause she won't stop staring at me.

It all started the other night when Joe and I were playing silly games on our iphones. One minute we were playing Trivial Pursuit and then I sort of saw this painting in my mind, the painted version of my drawing Boat Shoulders. I saw it much differently in my head than how it's turning out, but that's how it is. You see an image, then it flits away as quickly as it arrived. I'm left with a memory that I begin to form and shape in to a painting. I never really considered my drawings to be conceptual versions of paintings, but perhaps they are beginning to be. Anyway, I have this strange love for the nautical world and I think it is rapidly becoming a common theme / direction my work is taking. 

Here she is at an earlier stage (Friday).
I seriously can't handle how beautiful this wood is. When the light hits it just right it seems to glow.  



Anonymous said...

it's coming out beautifully. the girl kind of reminds of the model lara stone

charmaine olivia said...

My last painting was inspired by Lara Stone, this one is sort of a combination of my favorite ladies, Georgia Jagger, Lara Stone and Brigitte Bardot. I'm crazy about the little gap in the front teeth ;)

Melissa Righero said...

This one's going to be gorgeous.

Rachael said...

I love it. Its really surreal seeing her progress from a drawing to a painting I feel like her next move is to climb out of the painting to pillage and plunder.

Peter Fong said...

This is gonna turn out great. Just like all the others :) Do you work from reference pictures? Or just pure memory and talent haha

Jess said...

Fuck your work is amazing.

Guusje said...


mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

Lara Stone ?
Oh dear, I must be totally insane ... I was about to scream "David Bowiiiie" ! ha !


Anonymous said...

Love this one so far.... I would love to have a print!

Anonymous said...

just found you through a friend on twitter, your work is lovely! this painting looks great too

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kendal croix. said...

so in love with this painting.

Anonymous said...


es hermoso



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