Friday, November 26, 2010

Etsy Sale + Work in Progress pix

Hello darlings. Did you have a delicious Thanksgiving? Good. Me too. In the spirit of sales and all those annoying things, I'm offering 10% off all orders through my Etsy shop until Monday. This includes all original silhouettes, original drawings & prints. (So stoked Etsy is finally allowing coupon codes, makes it easier for me to treat you all!)
Just enter the code: 
at checkout for your discount.

I'll also be hosting another giveaway on my fanpage soon. I do giveaways every 1,000 fans, so we're almost there.


I haven't had a ton of time to be able to work on my painting as I've been cranking out these silhouettes for the past week or so. Which is fun, but I'm dying to finish this piece! So, here are a few more sneak peeks of miss Aveline. I started on her tattoos the other night, which is my favorite part. I am so loving octopus tattoos right now. They're more cartoon-y on my silhouettes and more realistic in this context.

I kind of like her in black & white. Sort of tempted to experiment with some black and white paintings at some point.

Anyway. She's coming along. Next I'll be tackling the compasses on her shoulders. I'm also really proud of her mermaid scales, which you'll see eventually.

Got a few shows opening next week:
Dec 2nd - 111 at 111 Minna, San Francisco
111 artists! massive group show. fun times will be had. i'm super excited to be showing next to some reallllly stellar artists.

Dec 3rd - Snowflakes & Candycakes @ 323East, Royal Oak, MI
will not be attending this one. it's a little too far.. someday I'll make it out there!

Dec 4th - Mezzanine, San Francisco
an even BIGGER group show. 200+ artists, fashion designers, photographers, etc. party time.

Okay. Now back to work. 


Melissa Righero said...

Woo the show Dec. 4th I'm going to try and make dear <3

Emilie said...

That tattoo is quite cool!

Unknown said...

I wish I could come and visit but its a bit far from my little town in the UK!

I am in love with your paintings!

Do you mind telling me what colours you mainly use for lips? I always struggle with this on my paintings.

Jodie x

Clovermittens said...

You have no idea how excited i am to see this one finished! iii love it so far! its beautiful!

Deborah Kansas said...

My goal is to come see your work in person next summer....keeping my eye on the prize and beautiful SF. Can't wait until Aveline is finished.

C.S.S. said...

you paint amazing.....♥ ♥ ♥
i fall in love with your work..... now i feel bad about mine... :S hope you can take a little look to it... it's new... so it doesn't have many things yet... ------>

hope you enjoy,kiss kisssss!!


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