Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tattoed silhouettes + shop additions

Here's my next series of little silhouettes. New and improved with hats, tattoos & attitude.
They're for sale in my shop. 
(Last nights silhouettes from Sketch Tuesdays sold out and I had to make more because I already missed them)
[UPDATE] As of now these new ones are sold out too, but I will be making more. I'm also happy to make variations of the ones you see here.
Boat Hat - 6" x 8" - ink on paper (link)
Teapot Head - 6" x 8" - ink on paper
Antlers - 6" x 8" - ink on paper (link)

Dia de los Muertos - 6" x 8" - ink on paper


Natasha Gardos said...

these are great
love love love them

labyrinthine said...

Alas, I wish I had known....
Such beautiful work, Charmaine. ♥

me said...

will you marry me? under the tree in front of nikki connor's house?

Ann said...

Okay, so what's the deal? I've been trying to figure this out! Do you use black ink on white paper? If so, how are you able to be so precise about missing the areas of the tattoos and details? It's quite astounding!

Melissa Righero said...

I'm so, so, so in love with that deer one <3

Vaida said...

what an inspiration! :)

Windsor Grace said...

They are really beautiful, you're super talented!

Unknown said...

Oh I love your work! Have a great weekend ;)

miss annie said...

oh wow! you are really talented!
am I allowed to post these gorgeous silouettes in my blog!
If I´m allowed to I´m going to post also a link to your blog ;)
I´m your new follower ;)

Unknown said...

Amazing!! wow i love all your work, i have just come across your work, i love your style and tecnique. check out mine,

Haylz said...

wonderful work ! i love it.

Nai nai said...

That pictures are faboulous! Love to have one on the wall of my room. Nice blog.

Patricia Policer said...

WOW, i think i'm in love with your art! everything is amazing

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