Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nylon Magazine + Album Art

Okay, blog, I'm back. I don't mean to neglect you, I've just become really comfortable with the virality of facebook. The instant feedback is exhilarating and engaging. Blogging is a slower pace, but also more methodical and thorough. Can any of you bloggers relate? I in no means want to stop blogging, I like having ideas and images all laid out in one post, but perhaps I've become lazy with the ritual of it. My blog has pretty much become a summary of my weekly facebook postings, but this way I can go in to more detail. Well, here are some of the latest:

My illustration for Nylon Magazine. I've been a fan of Nylon for years, so this was an exciting project for me:

(page 147 in the Dec/Jan issue)

The assignment was to do an illustraiton of Duffy, the welsh singer-songwriter. She put together the mixtape for this issue. It's definitely a very trendy illustration, (I tried hard not to give her extra eyes and tattoos) but a big part of illustrating is catering to the right audience.

One of my best friends Morgan is releasing her debut album in mid-February, under the pseudonym Whiteflowers. I'm honored and excited to be doing all of her artwork. Here is a mock/sketch of the album cover. 


We have a really dynamic relationship, always inspiring one another. We're kind of obsessive about sharing work in progresses, I'll text her over a little iPhone pic for feedback and she'll send me a sound clip of a track she's working on. We're even working on an exciting collaboration, which I'll tell you more about later. Here is the link to her soundcloud where you can listen to some of her tracks.

Also, December 14th is another exciting night of Sketch Tuesdays over at 111 Minna. They don't usually have a December edition, but this year it's gonna big, two artist's tables and a killer group show on the walls. You can see one of my pieces on display. I'll be live drawing more silhouettes for your gifting/buyingforyourself pleasure, for cheap! Some bay area superstars will be there, and I get to draw next to them :)

Enough for now. Back to Aveline. She's so close, I can feeeeel it. I want to finish her so can start on my next piece. Yeah, I know, I don't stop. (wont stop)


Deborah K.....Kansas said...

I'm always interested in your posts and blogs Charmaine....I got an email alert that said, "Your package has shipped". So excited to see my very own, "The Garden" print. It's going in my bedroom. <3.

Melissa Righero said...

So exciting C! I'm so happy for you on your success at such young age and super impressive.

Peter Fong said...

Don't stop blogging! I'm anti-Facebook so I wont be able to see any of your awesome works if you stop.

charmaine olivia said...

Peter I'm not stopping :)

The Chocolat said...

I love your ilustrations!!!! woooow *.*

Unknown said...

I adore your Nylon illustration! and Nylon is one of my fav magazines!! Must have been a fun project to work on :)

April said...

I saw your Nylon illustration when I picked up the magazine a week or so ago and was so proud to say I own some of your art!

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