Friday, April 8, 2011

work in progress and stupid things.

Yesterday I spent the day painting in my pjs & eating english muffins. And I have an annoying amount of hair (which needs to be trimmed). But I am having fun with this piece. I've been kind of making it up as I go along which feels different than normal, and have been using some different colors in the skintones, trying to make the colors more complex. It's neat not really knowing how the piece is going to turn out, it's like a little gift waiting for me at the end. I've also been fighting with my paintings a lot. It's like I'm developing tumultuous relationships with them, which I like.
I also spent plenty of time on the couch being a lazyass.
Though I did finally tackle my inbox whilst couch-dwelling. I've been really bad at emails lately. Seriously. Apologies if I haven't responded, I promise I'm not ignoring you, in-fact, quite the opposite, I've probably been stressing out because I haven't responded to you which oddly takes way more energy than actually writing an email. It's a ridiculous cycle.

Anyway, I'm currently I'm using San Francisco Airport's generous free 45 minutes of wifi to write this and to play on facebook, so really, it's like I'm at home. Also fighting the urge to watch Law & Order. ahahahah OBSESSED. This is basically one of those really pointless blog posts that shouldn't exist BUT IT DOES.

you are really really awesome and i love you.
(also, remind me to get a new nose ring when i'm home. thanks.)


Raymonda Adib said...

<3 so simple explanation so artistic :)

We Blog Artists said...

truly amazing...we all have these posts...but we definitely don't all show that kind of brilliance!

Alda Lilja said...

This is so beautiful, I love it. In fact I'm in love with all your work I've seen so far. Do you usually use oils or acrylics? Which do you prefer?

thadius said...

very nice your stuff

Melanie said...

Charmaine, your inventiveness is inspiring! (If that even makes any sense!) You have a unique way of capturing a woman's body. I love it!

P.S. You have such a tiny little waist! <3

Windsor Grace said...

The painting is turning out beautifully, your blog is so inspiring!

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