Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spoke Art group show

Tonight is the opening of the September Group Show over at Spoke Art. Yaaay!

Also, thanks to Hi Fructose for the interview!
(click image to read it)

Here are my new girls I'd like you to meet tonight..


and Valeria
cursed girls. they're really sweet natured though.

Also Delphine will be there, all fancy framed up.
Hope to see you beauties there!




+ whoa..illuminatin.... +

Unknown said...

your paintings/drawings are unbelievable!!! youre so talented.

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Art By Tina/Tina Axelsson said...

Fuck. That´s beautiful!

Anonymous said...

its you, right?

Sari Eline said...

Wow! I just discovered your website and your paintings are amazing! You're really talented.

Thanks for sharing :)

lauren carney said...

you've outdone yourself yet again charmie.
love your work, you talented lady! x

Dan said...

Will either of the Skull Girls be released in print form?

Ellie said...

your work is utterly stunning and inspiring, and I don't take that comment lightly! I am inspired by your directions of portraiture which is also a topic in my own work. I look forward to seeing the new amazing things you produce!!
XO ellie

Betty-Lou Do said...

The new girls are're very inspiring.

I V Y said...

wow that painting. amazing.

xo zebra and meerkat

Sofia said...

you are incredible
i love it
every inch of it
i want to marry them
and i think you to since you draw them
can one order a tatto sketch from you?`

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma is MARKED?Is that because of SKULLS?
" Watt" you really mean is SCULLS?
We have so much info about SCOMPO and SC that the Navy Seals - Louisiana are getting very " embarrassed".
Colorado U gave the books on the big guys, so if you were half smart, you'd lose this blog.
But you're not, " obviously."
And either is Irene.

skippysays said...

gorgeous photos!

Charlotte Drene said...

These are just outrageous. Good god. So, so great.
You being a babe doesn't detract from that either.

I have just created a new blog called Drene's Dreams, documenting my dreams accompanied by little doodles. Come have a look :-)

Magical Daydream said...

Wow you are extremely talented! So pretty!



Anonymous said...

hi, I used your photos in my blog, I really hope it's okay with you! If it's not let me know, I'll erase them then :--) there's a link to your website under the photos!

Christian said...

You drawings are truly beautiful!

it is appreciated if you take time to visit my blog and follow me :)
christian | my blog :


wow awesome *_____* ♥♥♥♥♥


He estado ojeando tu blog y me parece muy interesante. Con tu permiso seguiré curioseando.

Un saludo

Si quieres ver lo que hacemos ya sabes donde encontrarnos.

Constance said...

your blog is so beautiful and inspiring!

Jessica Silva said...

you're an amazing artist! love your tattoos.. and you look great on the photos! <3 awesome blog... very original. following for suree!

Yang Dodu said...

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