Tuesday, June 22, 2010

upcoming shows + urban outfitters prints

Oh dear, has it really been a week since I made a post? I've been pretty busy with getting all my pieces organized for the three upcoming group shows I'm a part of:

•   July 1st @ Wonderland Gallery & Boutique (They're a brand new spot in my neighborhood, super excited for this one. )
•  July 8th @ Artillery AG

I'm also super excited to start a new series of oil paintings for an upcoming group show over at Gallery Hijinks, a brand new spot my friend Jillian opened. She curated my solo show last year over at Gallery 6, and now she opened up her own space, and it's like a block from my house! Anyway, can't wait to start painting, I've been doing nothing but drawings for the past few months, it'll be a nice change of pace. I'll be painting a series of tattooed ladies, each with a different theme, all on wood.

In other news, Urban Outfitters picked up two more pieces of mine to sell in their online print shop.

Oh, and my kitten has turned in to a maniac. An adorable maniac.



labyrinthine said...

Beautiful prints for Urban Outfitters - congratulations! ♥

Aren't all kittens maniacs? That's what makes them so endearing! xxoo

charmaine olivia said...

haha, i agree ;)

Lewis Norris said...

more pics of the lil maniac kitty :D
good luck with the shows

Jane said...

Congrats on the recognition from urban!
I'll stick around to check out your new paintings,
your work is great.

Amanda Baeza said...

beautiful prints and photos!

Anonymous said...

are those bottoms from UO by chance?
pretty pictures.

charmaine olivia said...

No, they're from American Apparel. soooo comfy

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