Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Lady Aveline
as tumultuous as the seas to which she is bound
30" x 40" oil on wood panel
(click image to see it larger)
It felt so different to paint a background this time. It definitely changes the piece. As did adding the stars. Somehow they brought her to life, she was no longer just a figure on a dark background, she became Aveline. I actually started to dream about her and we swam through icy waters together. Her hair doesn't often dry, but I caught it on a rare occurrence and tried to recapture it to the best of my memory.

Her octopi and jellyfish would hardly sit still as they caressed her neck and danced on her arms. Even the sails on the boat seemed to gently ripple in a phantom wind. She once referred to ships "stains on the sea". (I shudder to think of the fate that fall on the ships she meets)
One compass spun wildly, but she never looked down. I could sense her chestnut eye longing to look, as it often betrays her. Ophelia's skull is the only part of her that remained motionless. Somehow frozen over her heart.
"el mar conoce nuestro amor"
the sea knows our love

Tattoos made of squid ink and urchin needles (she couldn't escape the sea if she tried)


And now for a few progress pictures:

At one point I was using tweezers to pick off cat hair. It was pretty ridiculous. I think I'm done using oil mediums, everything sticks to it. Everything.

drawing her tattoos

ahahaha this was in the early stages of Aveline. The night I drank too much wine and got silly. by myself. on a friday night. (i'm really cool) and texted way too many work in progress pictures to my best friend (sorry morgan)

I didn't use a primer this time as I usually just use it on the exposed portions. There wasn't any exposed wood on this piece, so I opted for no primer. For some reason this particular piece (cherry wood) was being really difficult. The oil wasn't soaking in properly, like the wood was way too smooth and just wouldn't grip the paint. I had to repaint her face like FIFTY TIMES. It was all very irritating. But it was all worth it in the end.

Next up, the sea witch La Femme Naufrage // Lady Shipwreck, mother of Aveline and Ophelia.
But first, got to finish three illustrations for Volcom, two for a canadian magazine, get ready for a show on the 15th and my solo in february! Goodness gracious I need a clone / assistant.

Hope your holidays were lovely!! Etsy shop will be reopened next year.



Andrea Krummel said...

amazing! i love your writing too, such haunting descriptions of this piece!

Anonymous said...


Vaida said...

I like ILU♥ picture ;))))

Melissa Righero said...

Oh love it...I love it even more that you love Mermaids.

Rachael Speirs said...

The sky reminds me of a scene in Joe Vs the Volcano

Excellent work love!

Jamie-Lynn said...

I am in love with your work...thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly express how much i like this. It's so so beautiful. Definitely my favourite. Are you gonna release these as prints?
Natalie xx

And Kathleen said...

My favorite is the little dots on her chin and lip. Beautiful.

Mille said...

I love your imagination! And those tattoos are rad.

Naomi Shiek said...

I'll be your assistant!
Gosh, you're busy. And I read your next painting as 'La Femme Nikita'. Talk about a flashback...

The painting is just super amazing. And it makes me smile, thinking that if anyone ever xrays or use infra-red light or whatever it is those people do when examining a masterpiece, they'll see I L U scrawled at the top there.

I can never get my head around oil painting. The end result- from first progress shots to finished piece- floors me. It looks unreal, like magic.

Newman said...

<3 I love it a lot better uncensored. I'm to scared to work that big, bulding up to it. Thank's for being awesome. I can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

I love it too.. it is amazing!
Of course wanna see more haha and read more about the story <3
I'm from Mexico so I'm sorry for my bad english.. I am trying lol... I always come to check if you had updated =D and it's so great to see new stuff , i hope you update more often.. just saying haha.
I love the fish scales... their color is WOW.. and the color in general is perfect =D... I think you should keep with the backgrounds..at least this one is stunning. Ohh that phrase EL MAR CONOCE NUESTRO AMOR is really cool, very strong.
And by the way.... thanks for sharing...

Nino Paulito said...

i've recently discovered your work and have become an instant fan. really like this painting and the boat lady too. this series of nautical themed painting is developing into something quite spectacular

Dianne said...

this is blowing my effing mind. BLOWING.

charmaine olivia said...

you guys are the sweetest pies!

La Cochoy (yayita!) said...

Your work...aaah what can I say?? it's just so mind blowing! and it just keeps getting better and better!! it's really cool that you experimented with a different background this time! I think she is the perfect twin to Ophelia!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing.

xhulja said...

You are soooo talented. This is amazing.

please feel free to visit my blog if you like

Ester Durães said...

the painting is so beautiful! You are super talented and creative, the details in this piece are stunning :)

Meg said...

Charmaine, you are so brilliantly talented... I just can't get over it!
I wish I was covered in tattoos by you, like all these beautiful ladies. Especially since they're all nautically themed... I love them!

Lewis Norris said...

you can see the progress in every canvas you do! Love it!

p.strange said...

Mi chicareno, y su amiga la chicalechuza te desean; Un productivo y muy artístico 2011!


maggie battles said...

i loooove this! it's like lara stone with my haircut! ;) i wish i could see your art show on the 15th but i'll be in seattle. cheers! xox

Carrie said...

I've just discovered your work, it's amazing! I can't believe this is possible with paint!

Tara said...

This is stunning.
I wanted to ask you how you manage to get your ladies so proportionate. Do you freehand sketch onto the wood?

I love your work, i'm a huge fan. Can't wait to see what you finish next.


tobaccoandleather said...

Your work amazes me more and more everytime! Just what you want from an artist.


Alexiev said...

Guau... fantastic art work... i love... Good image and illustration...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...


Proyectos - Illustrations

Alexiev Store - venta de originales

Cooper John said...

your work (especially alavile and ophilia) are stirring. i am so in love. really inspired stuff. thanks a lot.

x, coop

Caitlin Shearer said...

HI Charmaine,

Thanks for the lovely message left about my mermaid girl.
mermaid love!
I adore your lovely seamaiden too, (those ghostly scales and the detail in her tatts.) I think that all of your work is utterly divine and i would be happy as a clam for our girls to meet someday -in some magical 2d underwater realm perhaps. :)


Emmaline Bailey said...

This is a favourite of mine! I regularly look at your fb page to look for progress pics. I was wondering what type of medium you use as I hate all the fluff that my paintings attract in this house! (its over a hundred) Would be so handy to know which other mediums are better! This is an old post but hopefully you'll see this message :-)

Emma, NZ

indianaasha said...

loveeeeee yourr drawingssss and i love mermaid too :)

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