Friday, January 7, 2011

silhouette sneak peeks

Next Saturday is the opening of Winter's Shadows over at The Pretty Pretty Collective on January 15th, in San Francisco. It's such a rad space! The black walls will go perfectly with my silhouettes.

Here are a few little preview images of some of the ones I've been working on.

Can't get enough of the antlers ;) (it almost looks like I have antlers on my head in my reflection. yaaaay. actually, no, it would really suck to have actual antlers growing out of my head.)

punky girl. my favorite is her little nose piercing. teehee.

Plus a bunch more that you'll just have to come and see next Saturday!

so, I'm juggling like a gazillion illustration projects right now with deadlines like whoa. Somehow I'll swing it, I usually do. But, I wont be sleeping for a while. aaaand enter insanity. 
Someone shoulda told me being a full-time artist was so much work ;)


Brandon said...

In love with your work! Lets change our generations way of thinking! art is love!


mathyld ▲ under the pyramids ▲ said...

They are just perfect !!!
I love the wee punkette : she reminds me of my younger days, when I had a half shven head ;)

Also ! I have a palmestry hand, too ! Twinsss again !
(and it's right next to your drawing !)

x x x

charmaine olivia said...

mathyld i love those fish vertebrae necklaces! oh goodness I think i need to have one ;)
I'm actually wearing my little gem one right now!

mathyld ▲ under the pyramids ▲ said...

Eeep ! I need of pic of pretty you wearing it !!


Ash said...

love your blog. especially the silhouette pieces you do. Just started following, and i get excited when there's a new post. Can't wait to see images from your pretty pretty collective show :)


Megan V said...

Ohhh these are gorgeous!!! I am so in love with them - thanks for the preview!! xo

kendal croix. said...

wonderful things. as always.

Anonymous said...

these are so irresistible!

alexandra grecco said...

such a lovely blog!


Clovermittens said...

Love that picture where you can see your reflection :) verry nice!

Em said...

my latest obsession...

really lovely.

going to catch your show in venice tmw.

Cassandra Dias said...

Loving the antlers! And that punk girl's nose ring ;)

{Moon Face}

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